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@Martenfur Martenfur released this Oct 25, 2019 · 117 commits to master since this release

NOTE: This is an in-dev build. Some stuff may not work, some may be broken.


  • Bumped .NET Framework version to 4.7.2 for templates.
  • Fixed various project warnings.


  • Documentation!
  • Added ResourceHub and ResourceBox instead of old loading systems.
  • Added Angle class for better angle management.
  • Added .NET Standard library template.
  • Nopipeline's NPL config supports adding references with environment variables.


  • Camera implements IDisposable interface now.
  • Alarm, AutoAlarm and Animation use EventHandler instead of Action now.
  • Spritegroup cstemplates doesn't require quotes for variable values now.
  • Changed Draw methods in Frame, Sprite and Surface to use their properties by default instead of default struct values.
  • Moved animation argument in Sprite.Draw method after position.
  • Specifying origin in Sprite.Draw() isn't mandatory anymore.
  • Frame, Sprite and Surface's Rotation field is Angle instead of float now.
  • GameMath doesn't contain angle-related methods anymore. They are moved to Angle instead.
  • All Monofoxe libraries are .NET Standard now.
  • Nopipeline is now embedded into Monofoxe.
  • All projects reference Monofoxe libraries from common place instead of raw per-project libraries.
  • Replaced static methods in TimeKeeper with static Global instance.
  • Removed drawing methods which work with raw x;y.
  • Project templates for VS2019 now have tags.
  • Bumped .NET Framework version to 4.7.2 for templates.


  • Layer depth sorting now works properly.
  • CameraMgr.Cameras is a List instead of IReadOnlyColection now.
  • KeepAspestRatio canvas mode now scales canvas correctly.
  • Fixed memory leak in Camera.
  • Fixed BasicTilemapSystem not drawing the very last row and column of tiles.
  • Nopipeline now works with paths which contain spaces.
  • Angle difference formula now works properly.
  • Uninstaller now appears in Add\Remove Programs section.
  • Fixed various project warnings.
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