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smartVISU is a framework to create a visualisation for a knx-installation with simple html-pages.
To read and write group-telegrams special tags are used.
You don't need to know javascript.



  • Pretty: Responsive design, auto adjustment to smartphones and tablets
  • Strict: One template for all devices
  • Easy: Implementation with HTML5
  • Simple: Connect to KNX with commands directly in HTML
  • Universal: Small concept of widgets
  • Connectable: Using drivers for different KNX installations


  • IP-Network, KNX-Bus
  • smarthomeNG, linknx, ioBroker, openHAB2, FHEM or knxd (deprecated: eibd ) backend or JSON interface
  • Webserver with PHP. We highly recommend PHP 7.2 and above since older version are end of life and get no more security updates. Some features in quad design explicitely require PHP 7.2+
  • Firefox, Chrome, IE, Safari, iPhone, iPad, Android Phone or Android Tablet


For your own Project do the following:

  1. Create a new directory in "pages", for example "pages/YOURPROJECT".
    This is your individual project-directory where you may work.
    Copy all files from "pages/_template" to your project-directory
  2. Check the config.php and set the "config_pages" to "YOURPROJECT"
  3. Set the "config_driver" to your backend-environment
    • linknx: for linxknx and eibd environment
    • smarthomeNG: for SmartHomeNG environment
    • ...
    • knxd / eibd: for direct access
    • offline: only for testing, all GADs will be stored in a textfile ("temp/offline_YOURPROJECT.var")
  4. Create a new page in your project-directory, for example "mypage.html"
    Note: Do not use "base.html, basic.html, device.html", these are system pages
  5. Fill the page with your preferred content and widgets (see the pages/example*.* sections)
  6. If you need to change the design, use a "visu.css" - stylesheet file in your project-directory.
    If you want to develop your own widgets, also place them in your directory.
    Name the javascript-file (if you need one) to "visu.js" and it will be included automatically.
    Name the file with the widgets e.g. "custom.html". Avoid names which are already used in the "smartvisu/widgets" directory.
  7. Test your page with: http://localhost/smartVISU/index.php?page=mypage
    Note: replace "localhost" with the hostname from your server
  8. Create all pages you need
  9. At the end of your project set "config_cache" to "true" to speed up your smartVISU
  10. Enjoy smartVISU!


smartVISU is a framework to create a visualisation for a knx-installation with simple html-pages. To read and write group-telegramms special tags are used.



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