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No mans sky logbook

A log of my adventures in no mans sky

How to add a new post

  1. Increase the number of entries in the "js/timeline.js" file
  2. Create a new file in the logs folder (copy paste an older one will be fine), these will need to be in numerical order.
  3. Fill in the log file, details below of each option.

Log file

type: the type of log file, this control the icon which can be any one of (alien, animal, location, log, planet, plant, ship, technology, treasure)
date: the date of the log
title: the title of the log
image: the image to use, which must be in the "images/logs" directory. Or leave it blank if you don't want an image.
text: each item of the array will be separated by a new line.

Check it out here