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Converter of CSV files from Siglent Oscilloscopes to list of samples format used by FeelElec FY6900 Arbitrary Waveform Generator
Visual Basic .NET
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Converter for CSV files from Siglent Digital Oscilloscopes to list of samples format used by FeelElec FY6900 (and similar) Arbitrary Waveform Generator.

Whilst it has only been tested with the Siglent SDS 1104X-E DSO and the FeelElec/FeelTech FY6900, it is likely to work with similar models of scope and signal generator. Particularly the FY6800 and FY6600 which use the same PC software for loading the waveform.

For example, the file from the scope might look like this

Record Length,Analog:14000
Sample Rate,100000000.0
Vertical Scale,CH1: 0.05
Vertical Offset,CH1:0.00000
Horizontal Scale, 0.000010000

but the FY6900 only needs to see the voltages, not the time points, so it requires a list like this


However, it is more complicated than that because the FY6900 has a maximum number of sample points of 8192 but the Siglent SDS 1104X-E can export 14 million points. So this program is needed to downsample and has some other options for vertical scaling and starting from the trigger point (t=0), for more information see the SigFyCSVUserGuide.docx/pdf

Parsing of the CSV file is done in a background worker thread with a progress bar because it typically takes about 1.0 seconds to parse 1.4M lines.

To run this program, you need the files in the Release folder at There is no installer but it will on run on up to date Windows 10 systems.

To build this program from source:
This is a VB.NET desktop application (WinForms) built using Visual Studio Community 2019, with the .NET Framework 4.8.03752 and LiveCharts from (MIT licenced).

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