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Yeek——The Best Hotel Search Engine For Points Redemption

Presumably the readers of this blog have accumulated the points of many hotel groups. But whenever we need to travel to a new city, we always encounter some problems: which hotel in this city is best for points redemption? Which hotel needs the least points? There are many free nights on hand, which can be used and worth it? In order to answer these questions, you may need to open the website of each hotel group on repeated calculations, or you need to find old drivers to discuss a half-day. But I don't have to be so much trouble from now! Our strategic partner, Yeek ( ), has developed the best hotel search engine for points redemption, which can show the best redeeming rooms and free rooms at a glance! The use of Yeek is very simple and clear, in fact, there is no need to write a guide. But here I still want to long-winded examples of writing, because it is really awesome!

1.Sort by Price – from Low to High ( default )

Here, take Chicago as an example. After enters Beijing in the Yeek, select " Chicago, IL, United States" from the drop-down box and enter a date you want. Then you will see the five major groups: Starwood, Marriott, Hyatt, Hilton, IHG; Other hotels are not included. The default sort is the price from low to high in cash rate. Next to " Cash Rate ", there is a" 90 Days Avg.Cash Rate”, from the two data, we can quickly determine if the time is flexible if the time can be changed for a lower price.

2.Sort by Points Value Percent from High to Low —— most valuable redemption

For the points guy as us, the price from low to high may not be the most useful sort for us. You can click Filter, and then you can see a variety of sorting ways! For people who has accumulated a bunch of points through credit cards, a common sort is "sort by points value percent – from high to low ", as shown in the following figure. In this way, we can see some valuable redemption for hotel rooms, redeeming points for the Hyatt Regency O’Hare has the actual points value of 2.86 cent!

Why does Yeek provides filters with “points value percent” instead of “points value”? This is because the actual value of different brand points is different. If directly ranked according to the points value, it is clear that the highest ranking of SPG hotel points. Therefore, a more reasonable sort scheme is to sort by the relative value of the different brand points, which is the definition of " points value percent”.

The formula is:

(Points Value - Estimated Points Value) / Estimated Points Value = PV Percent

If this value is positive, it is worth for redemption; If this value is negative, and it is probably not very good choice for redemption. But this is certainly not so absolute —— only the points that can be used are good points.

The estimated value Yeek used is from the famous blog TPG:

SPG 2.7 c/p
Hyatt 1.8 c/p
Marriott 0.9 c/p
IHG 0.7 c/p
Hilton 0.6 c/p

Of course, we know the estimated value weighs too high. But this is only a temporary data, and we may be able to do a more objective valuation model based on the data, and in the future, the Yeek will also introduce customized settings - you can register to set your own estimates. Please look forward to it!

3.Sort by Points Redeem Value from Low to High —— cheapest redemption

The points redeem value is defined as follows: All Points Rate * Estimated Points Value = Points Redeem Value The use of this definition is to avoid the problems caused by different intrinsic valuation differences, obviously the value of the 10000 SPG points and the 10000 Hilton points is different. The meaning of this definition is that the points is a currency, the exchange rate between it and the US dollar is its valuation, and then use this exchange rate to convert the value of the hotel to the value of about how much money. The lower the points redeem value, the cheaper the redeeming room of the hotel.

4.Sort by Cash Rate from High to Low —— best redeeming free night

This sort of sorting is ideal for redeeming free nights from credit cards. For example, I want to go to Chicago, to see how good my Marriott free room is, we can choose to sort by ascending cash rate, and then choose the Marriott from the filter of hotel group, the results are as follows: obviously the most valuable hotel is Chicago JW Marriott for that day.

5.Other filtering / sorting options

Sometimes the default search range is too large, we can choose search radius for adjusting.

If you are not familiar with the specific brand of the hotel group, just want to see the hotel group logo, you can choose " show the hotel group logo" in " advanced ".

There are some other filter / sort options here are not listed here, guys can have a try by yourself.

6.Detail page

Click any hotel from list, we can see the information of the hotel, including map location, analysis of redeeming points and the chart of price in the future 90 days.

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