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Welcome to the TodoTxtJs wiki!

Feel like Contributing?


Most of the features are documented in the built-in help.

But as a quick summary:

  • Todos rendered for easy viewing
  • Custom sorting
  • Edit Todos in Text format
  • Quick filtering by click on Contexts, Projects and Priorities
  • Filter by almost anything (cf. Filters)
  • Save to your local browser, or Dropbox
    • Uses the same Dropbox location as the Android and iPhone apps.
  • Support for Due-Date: due:2013-04-05
  • Recognises metadata: key:value


Differences from Official Apps

Note that the syntax for TodoTxtJs is slightly different than that in use by the official apps. TodoTxtJs preserves the priority on complete, which the official apps do not. Consequently official apps may not correctly parse completed Todos. Only completed Todos are affected, active Todos are fully compatible with the official apps.

You can change this behaviour in the options.


The full syntax definition in use by TodoTxtJs is available in the source tree.

A graphical (Railroad style) version is also available.

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