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Examples for the usage of LaTeX
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More than 200 examples for the usage of LaTeX (you can check that with the following command: find . -type d | sort | awk '$0 !~ last "/" {print last} {last=$0} END {print last}' | grep -v .git | wc -l)

Most examples can be found on my Wikpedia Commons user page.

You might also be interested in my Blog.


Every LaTeX file is in a seperate folder and has its own Makefile. So you can simply generate the PDF by typing make in the terminal.



Although POV-Ray has nothing to do with LaTeX, I decided to add some images here


If you have examples or suggestions for improving given examples, please send them to


Feel free to use and modify the examples in this repository, but please add a link to this repository or

Most of the content was created completely by me. But check the Readme files in each specific folder to make sure you can use it.

Other resources

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