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updated work experience

Signed-off-by: Martin Richard <>
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@@ -74,23 +74,25 @@
- <p>I am currently <acronym title="Chief technology officer">CTO</acronym>
+ <p>I am currently a system and network engineer at
+ <a href="">Alwaysdata</a>,
+ a shared and dedicated-managed hosting company.</p>
+ <p>Thanks to its original vision, the company offers
+ top-notch services and technical support to its
+ customers.</p>
+ <h3>Past</h3>
+ <p>I had the position of
+ <acronym title="Chief technology officer">CTO</acronym>
at <a
href="">Mixotv</a>, a personalized
and social TV-guide which recommends shows fitting your
- <p>We released the first iPhone version of the
- application in January 2013, the project is still in
- its early stages, but growing fast!</p>
- <p>Mixotv is mostly written in PHP using Symfony2, but
- we also deal with Javascript and Python. We use
- PostgreSQL a lot, Solr and Rabbitmq. Currently, my main
- concern is building a technical architecture that
- scales, quite a challenge actually.</p>
- <h3>Past</h3>
- <p>I worked as a freelance on various projects. I built
- websites and wrote articles for a magazine called PHP
- Solutions (in French).</p>
+ <p>I architectured and wrote most of Mixotv's backend
+ and REST API using Symfony2. Once the foundations were
+ built, I focused mostly on scaling the technical
+ architecture on <acronym
+ title="Amazon Web Services">EC2</acronym> and
+ managing of the software engineering team.</p>
<p>Before graduation, I had three internships.</p>
<p>I spent 4 months at
<a href="">CommonIT</a> a startup
@@ -105,6 +107,9 @@
with Magento - and 2 months in a laboratory of the
University of Burgundy, I wrote in C a tool performing
graph processing.</p>
+ <p>As a freelance, I worked on various projects.
+ I built websites and wrote articles for a magazine
+ called PHP Solutions (in French).</p>
@@ -396,7 +401,7 @@
<footer class="container">
<div class="row">
<section class="span6">
- <p>This is the webpage of Martin Richard (edited on Oct 4 2013).</p>
+ <p>This is the webpage of Martin Richard (edited on Dec 4 2013).</p>
<p>My nickname is <em>Martius</em>, and often <em>Martiusweb</em>
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