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Signed-off-by: Martin Richard <>
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+ <h2>Lisogo</h2>
+ <article>
+ <p><a href="">On github</a></p>
+ <p>Lisogo is my current pet project. The goal is to
+ build a simple service allowing people sharing
+ goals and objectives to get in touch with each
+ other.</p>
+ <p>Lisogo is built in Python, with mongodb. This is
+ my second project using Python and my first with
+ Mongodb.</p>
+ <p>Currently, lisogo is nothing more than a simple
+ ODM I wrote myself, since I did not wanted to use
+ a big ODM not as flexible and <em>simple</em> as
+ I wanted.</p>
+ <p>The ODM does almost everything I need to start
+ the real project.</p>
+ </article>
+ </li>
+ <li>
<p><a href="">On github</a></p>
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