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Trolling Trump Speech

Trolling Trump Speech is a web application that can modify and save captions directly from Youtube videos. You can troll Donald Trump speeches by modifying the Youtube subtitles of his videos.

The web application will automatically get caption tracks from Youtube videos and allow the user to replace nouns and verbs in the text by other words of his choice. It will then upload the new caption file on Youtube and the user will be able to look at the Trump speech video with his modified version of the subtitles. Downloading the video captions from Youtube website will be done using Youtube APIs with the beta version of the library for Javascript. The text manipulations will be done with the RiTaJS library and displayed with a P5js sketch. Finally the modified text will be uploaded on the Youtube account using once again Youtube APIs. The user will then be playing the video with the modified subtitles on Youtube.

Interested by forms of political communication and the relationship between information and technology I’m watching the campaign of Donald J. Trump with a mix of fascination, sarcasm and hopelessness. Furthermore, I am a supporter of creative commons art, vandalism forms and use of offbeat humour on the web. I find it just fun to openly laugh at Trump on Youtube.

This project is aimed at those who have a bit of troll in them. Visit

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