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Learning JavaScript/Canvas by recreating Dragon Warrior (NES)
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Recreating the original NES Dragon Warrior using JavaScript


The "index.html" file loads all the scripts, testing elements, and the canvas.

The "assets" folder contains:

  • Font file
  • Music files
  • Sound effect files
  • Sprite sheets (characters, enemies, map tiles)

The "scripts" folder contains all the game objects. Here is a brief description of each file:

  • audio.js - audio object, plays music and sound
  • combat.js - combat related functions (player attack, enemy attack, run, etc.)
  • config.js - all configurable values:
    • sprites
    • level data
    • weapons, armor, and items
    • spell data
    • enemy data
    • map data (world, towns, dungeons)
  • game.js - game loop, rendering, script processing
  • init.js - initialize the game
  • map_functions.js - map object, map interaction functions
  • player.js - player object, properties and functions for the player
  • text.js - all in-game displayed text

##Grunt setup (optional)

If you haven't used Grunt before, be sure to check out the Getting Started guide.

Supported options:

grunt lint #check source for errors, etc
grunt      #build a combined/minified "release" version of the project


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