DataGrid control is a data bound list control that displays the items from datasource in a table. The DataGrid control allows you to select, sort, and manage these items.
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DataGrid example application

This version of DataGrid works with Nette Framework version 0.9.4 and Dibi 1.3. You can find archives and in this folder. Those are prepared versions which you can just unpack and use.
Nette Framework (with Dibi included) can be downloaded from

	- [optional] run script 'app/models/birt.mysql.sql' on your MySQL database if you want use MySQL (Sqlite and PostgreSQL scripts are also included)
	- [optional] set connection settings in 'app/config.ini'.
	- make sure that directories 'app/log', 'app/sessions' and 'app/temp' are writeable
	- install Nette Framework and Dibi by unpacking 'libs/' and 'libs/' into 'libs' folder or 
	  download correct versions from