Animation using the IS31FL3731 breakout and a Charlieplex 9x16 LED matrix
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Animation for Adafruit Pro Trinket / Particle Photon / Espressif ESP32 devices when used with a IS31FL3731-driven Charlieplex 9x16 LED array. Loops an animation sequence on the display, in this case a flame

data_pendant.h is for the I/O-up orientation. data_normal.h is for the I/O-down orientation.

The sketch is comprised of the sketch and one of the data headers (which contain animation frames packed into PROGMEM array holding bounding rectangle + column-major pixel data for each frame) Note that this consumes most of the flash space on the ATmega328.

The archive contains the animation source PNG images originally generated via Adobe Premiere and Photoshop from Free Stock Video by user 'dietolog' on

The Python script (works with Python >= 2.7),, processes all the source images into the required data header format.

(For a more specific driver for the IS31FL3731 breakout, check out