One Process on your RaspberryPi for both HeatingControl and Webinterface! Written in node.js using a Arduino-Board to read temperature sensors DS18S20.
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Author: Marvin Baral (

A node.js server on a embedded device (Raspberry Pi 3 on Arch Linux here) to control heating elemts like gas-burner or pumps and display temperature of certain elements alltogether on a cental webinterface through .svg - images with color -to-temperature mapping. A graph of all temperatures is also included here (also .svg).


Water temperature storage




Adapt to your reguirements

In the current state, you have to adapt all elements and their control logik to your heating system. In future, a graphical editor is planned to make this possible for every noob.

Make it running

The file "heating.service" has to be edited and placed in /etc/systemd/system/ . Furthermore it has to be sure, that this and the "webserver.js" are executable. After this, "systemctl enable heating" has to be executed to start it at every reboot.

Supported Browsers

  • Firefox
  • Chromium
  • ...

Basically every Browser supporting Java-Script and SVG-Images with CSS-classes (-> not Internet Explorer)