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Image translation by CycleGAN and pix2pix in Tensorflow

This is my ongoing tensorflow implementation for unpaired image-to-image translation (Zhu et al., 2017).

Latest results can be found here, comparing paired and unpaired image-to-image translation.

Image-to-image translation learns a mapping from input images to output images, like these examples from the original papers:

CycleGAN: [Project] [Paper] [Torch]

Pix2pix: [Project] [Paper] [Torch]


  • Linux or OSX.
  • Python 2 or Python 3.


Tensorflow 1.0


  • Anaconda Python distribution
  • PyCharm

Getting Started

Clone this repository

git clone
cd imagetranslation-tensorflow

Install Tensorflow, e.g. with Anaconda

Create directories or symlink

mkdir datasets  # or symlink; for datasets
mkdir temp  # or symlink; for checkpoints, test results

Download the CMP Facades dataset (generated from

python tools/ facades datasets

Train the model (this may take 1-8 hours depending on GPU, on CPU you will be waiting for a bit)

python \
  --model pix2pix \
  --mode train \
  --output_dir temp/facades_train \
  --max_epochs 200 \
  --input_dir datasets/facades/train \
  --which_direction BtoA

Test the model

python \
  --model pix2pix \
  --mode test \
  --output_dir temp/facades_test \
  --input_dir datasets/facades/val \
  --checkpoint temp/facades_train

The test run will output an HTML file at temp/facades_test/index.html that shows input/output/target image sets.

For training of the CycleGAN use --model CycleGAN instead of --model pix2pix. Both models use u-net as generator by default but can use faststyle-net when specified by --generator faststyle.

You can look at the loss and computation graph for pix2pix and CycleGAN using tensorboard:

tensorboard --logdir=temp/facades_train

If you wish to write in-progress pictures as the network is training, use --display_freq 50. This will update temp/facades_train/index.html every 50 steps with the current training inputs and outputs.


Finish CycleGAN implementation according to publication Hu et al., 2017

Major issues

  • test u-net declaration with decoder using encoder dimensions (fix crash when height and width other than powers of 2)
  • test other datasets, show results on

Minor issues

  • add image buffer that stores the previous image (to update discriminators using a history of 50 generated images)
  • add instance normalization (Ulyanov D et al., 2016)
  • flexible learning rate for the Adams solver
  • add one-direction test mode for CycleGAN
  • add identity loss


  • test CycleGAN with u-net generator and log loss and compare with pix2pix: OK
  • test CycleGAN with faststyle-net generator and log loss: OK
  • square loss and several options for loss function for generator (maximising discriminator loss, ...)
  • refactor summary and export of images to work for all models: Pix2Pix, CycleGAN, Pix2Pix2
  • two batches delivering unpaired images for CycleGAN
  • import of images from different subdirectories
  • different (classic) loss function
  • recursive implementations for u-net
  • res-net, highway-net, dense-net implementation with endcoder/decoder as in faststyle res-net
  • tested transfer of generators from paired to unpaired


This repository is based on this Tensorflow implementation of the paired image-to-image translation (Isola et al., 2016) Highway and dense net were adapted from the implementation exemplified in this blog entry.


If you use this code for your research, please cite the papers this code is based on:

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