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Web app that will allow coaches to share workouts with their athletes and the athletes to share data and statistics back with their coaches.
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Senior-Project: Athlytics

Athlytics Is a role-based web app program made for a reliable method for coaches to get workouts to student athletes

  • Useful in creating workouts
  • Useful in scheduling workouts

How and why to use

  • Two kinds of users: coaches or student athletes
  • Coaches will be able to create workouts for a team sport, even a scheduled time
  • The student will be able to view said workouts and times
  • This allows the student to do the team workout if the student is unavailable to do so at a scheduled time

Burndown Chart


Tools the team used

  • Groupme for the quick communication and fast responses
  • slack for communication and file sharing
  • Version control: Github
  • Sprint management and board: github projects
  • Private repository- waiting to be public ( PUBLIC NOW!)


  • We used npm to get a production build of our react app
  • We used firebase hosting to upload our production build to the cloud and have it accessible to all the users through the web
  • Created a deployment routine where we just need to execute a command to quickly redeploy our project to production

Firebase Database Advantages

  • Security
  • Passwords are naturally Encrypted
  • Email verifications for registering
  • Easy ability for passwords resets, which prompt email verification
  • Offers hosting solution for production deployment

How to use

App User:

  • Like many web based programs, you will have to sign up
  • Verify your email and create a password – secured and safe
  • If a new coach wishes to sign up the client needs to give you the admin secret seed
  • It is simple as following this link


  1. Clone the repository
  2. cd Athlytics
  3. npm install
  4. npm start
  5. At this stage, the app will launch but no back-end interactions will work.
  6. To enable database access, you need to link the app to your own firebase account.

Screenshot Screenshot Screenshot

Authors: Pentagummies

The development team consisted of 5

  • Marouen helail– Team leader, and functionality programmer, authentication
  • Alexandru andrei – the main database programmer, and functionality programmer
  • Tudor Ghenea – mitigating between client and team, home page GUI programmer, and tester
  • Jinting Liu – Documentation, minor gui, in charge of presentations/interactive prototypes
  • Adam Ebel – mitigating between team and management, calendar functionality programing, main tester, documentation, Organizer, presentation creationist
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