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This is a web app written in pure javascript/html/css that allows the user to vote for candidates and focuses and the visualization of the votes. Demo:
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Marouen Helali

September 9th 2018

code developed on: Mac


I made a layout of the graphical user interface in HTML and decorated it with some css to make it more visually acceptable. Then I decided to add functionality through JavaScript and jQuery. I created two arrays. One to hold the candidates names and another to hold the number of votes the candidate gets. I used the indexes of the arrays to know which votes belong to which candidates. I made a table to hold the candidates and I would add a table row (tr - td) every time the add button is clicked. I gave every table row a unique id so I can loop through them later when I am trying to pick out which one I clicked on and decide which candidate to "vote" for (which candidate td got clicked). I made the deletion of a candidate not delete them from the arrays, but I deleted them from the view and ignored/set back to 0 their values so I can keep the votes up to date with the deletion of a candidate. I used one color to denote how full the row of the candidate is, which indicates how many votes that candidate got in a user friendly manner.

additional comments: In some places, I used: () => {} instead of: function() {} when doing a callback. it is just an abbreviation.

I didn't put semi-colon in the end of every line since I realized it compiles and works fine even without it.


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