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#![cfg_attr(not(feature = "std"), no_std)]
extern crate combine;
#[cfg(not(feature = "std"))]
use core::str;
#[cfg(feature = "std")]
use std::str;
use combine::error::UnexpectedParse;
use combine::parser::byte::digit;
use combine::parser::choice::optional;
use combine::parser::item::item;
use combine::parser::range::recognize;
use combine::parser::repeat::{skip_many, skip_many1};
use combine::Parser;
fn main() {
let mut parser = recognize((
optional((item(b'.'), skip_many(digit()))),
.and_then(|bs: &[u8]| {
// `bs` only contains digits which are ascii and thus UTF-8
let s = unsafe { str::from_utf8_unchecked(bs) };
s.parse::<f64>().map_err(|_| UnexpectedParse::Unexpected)
let result = parser.parse(&b"123.45"[..]);
assert_eq!(result, Ok((123.45, &b""[..])));
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