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Guild Wars 2 RPC

Guild Wars 2 RPC

A Discord Rich Presence addon for Guild Wars 2.

RPC status example

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You need to install the Discord Desktop version to run GW2RPC.


Displaying off
  • current map, as well as closest point of interest
  • current raid, strike or fractal boss
  • character name, race and profession (elite spec)
  • commander icon if player is currently commanding a squad
  • active guild tag (needs API key)
  • time spent on map
  • Automatic update checking
  • Web based registry for maps
  • Configurable settings
  • Supports multiple accounts and multiboxing
  • Automatic raid announcer (FAQ):

・ How to install

  1. Use the installer. Start either gw2rpc.exe or launch_gw2_with_rpc.exe.


  1. Extract and run the gw2rpc.exe. It will start in your system tray. It needs to be running in background for Rich Presence to work.

In the config.ini in the program's directory, you can input your API key so that your status can display region (EU/NA) and your current guild tag.

To make starting Rich Presence easier, there is an .exe called launch_gw2_with_rpc.exe included in the download. This script launches both GW2 and the RPC addon. For it to work, it needs to be present in GW2FOLDER\addons\gw2rpc . You may then replace your normal GW2 shortcut with it for ease of launching.

You can also put a shortcut to gw2rpc.exe into your autorun so that it runs automatically on Windows boot.

・ How to update

  1. Run the new installer again.


  1. If a new version is released, simply replace the updated files. To get the newest configuration file, you might also delete the old one and let it be recreated on the first start of gw2rpc.exe for you.

・Configuration file

See below for the example configuration file

APIkey =                        ; ABCDE-FFFF-12345-....

CloseWithGW2 = False            ; Exit gw2rpc if GW2 exits
DisplayGuildTag = True          
HideCommanderTag = False        ; Dont show active comm tag if True
Lang = en                       ; Localization, one of en, es, fr, de, pt-br
LogLevel = info                 ; One of debug, info, warning, critical

DisableInWvW = False
DisableCompletely = False
HidePoiButton = False           ; Dont show the copy paste button for PoI if true

webhook =
AnnounceRaid = True
DisableInWvW = False

・Build and development Instructions

See build section for instructions


Discord Rich Presence addon for Guild Wars 2







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