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* [Leaflet]( - Simple and elegant single page docs. (contributed by [@mourner](
* []( - A number of in-depth guides that cover Ruby amqp gem but also try to explain AMQP 0.9.1 features, why they exist and how they are supposed to be used. (contributed by [Michael Klishin](!/michaelklishin/))
* [Savon.rb]( (contributed by [Mathias Meyer](!/roidrage))
+* [Mozilla Developer Networks - Best Documentation on all Web Technologies]( (contributed by [Rajeev N B @rBharshetty](!/rBharshetty))
+* [Android Developer Documentation]( (contributed by [Rajeev N B @rBharshetty](!/rBharshetty))
### Writing about Docs (again, in no particular order)

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