Interface + filesystem and s3 implementation to manage (create, read, delete) files
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Mashape File-Manager library

This library provides an interface ( ) and two different implementations (file system and S3) for standard file operations: save, move, delete.

Using FileManagerFactory.init(Properties properties) you can load the implementation needed in a transparent way to the rest of the code that uses just the interface.


The first implementation uses the filesystem. The configuration file needs this key: filemanager.filesystem.dir. This is the first version we used on and we still use in development.


The second implementation (the one we use in production) is an abstract way to store and manage file in the Amazon Simple Storage Service ( ) It relies on JetS3t ( ) The configuration file needs these keys:

  • s3.accesskey
  • s3.secretkey
  • s3.bucket

Where the last one is the bucket name on S3

Copyright (C) 2011 Mashape, Inc.