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Get started with the Mashape PHP Library!

What is the Mashape PHP Library?

  • It's a dead simple PHP framework for generating RESTful APIs
  • It supports everything from custom routes to custom errors, following the DRY (Don't Repeat Yourself) principle: reuse your existing code.
  • It fully integrates with Mashape: distribute your APIs, get traction and make money!

What is Mashape?

  • Mashape is the marketplace for Cloud APIs (mashape.com)
  • Developers can easily distribute and consume any kind of API
  • It's free

Library Features

  • Easily create a beautiful RESTful API just focusing on your service's business logic
  • It supports GET - POST - PUT - DELETE methods
  • Custom routes for your API methods. For example: GET /users/1
  • Create custom errors in a standard way
  • DRY principle - Reuse your existing code (models, controllers, etc)
  • Ready to use with Mashape:
    • Get distribution and make your API viral into the marketplace
    • Add-ons for your API, like the billing, the API requests limit, etc.
    • Auto-generated client libraries (PHP, Ruby, Python, Java, Objective-C) to make your API easier to consume, getting more traction