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import oauth2
import json
import urllib
import ConfigParser
class StashboardClient(object):
def __init__(self):
consumer_key, consumer_secret = self.get_consumer_keys()
oauth_key, oauth_secret = self.get_application_keys()
self.client = StashboardClient.build_client(consumer_key, consumer_secret, oauth_key, oauth_secret)
base_url = self.get_base_url()
self.base_admin_url = "%s/admin/api/v1" % base_url
def up(self, service, message=None):
return self.post_event("up", service, message)
def down(self, service, message=None):
return self.post_event("down", service, message)
def warn(self, service, message=None):
return self.post_event("warning", service, message)
def post_event(self, status, service, message):
if self.get_current_status(service) == status:
return None
if message is None:
message = self.get_default_message(status)
data = urllib.urlencode({
"status": status,
"message": message
resp, content = self.client.request( self.base_admin_url + "/services/" + service + "/events", "POST", body=data)
event = json.loads(content)
if resp['status'] != '200':
raise Exception(event['message'])
return event
def get_current_status(self, service):
resp, content = self.client.request( self.base_admin_url + "/services/" + service + "/events/current", "GET")
if resp['status'] != "200":
raise Exception(content)
last_event = json.loads(content)
return last_event['status']['id']
def get_config(self):
return self.cfg
except AttributeError:
self.cfg = ConfigParser.ConfigParser()"stashboard.cfg")
return self.cfg
def get_base_url(self):
cfg = self.get_config()
return cfg.get("stashboard", "base_url")
def get_default_message(self, status):
cfg = self.get_config()
return cfg.get("stashboard", "message." + status)
def get_consumer_keys(self):
cfg = self.get_config()
return cfg.get("stashboard", "consumer_key"), cfg.get("stashboard", "consumer_secret")
def get_application_keys(self):
cfg = self.get_config()
return cfg.get("stashboard", "oauth_key"), cfg.get("stashboard", "oauth_secret")
def build_client(consumer_key, consumer_secret, oauth_key, oauth_secret):
consumer = oauth2.Consumer(key=consumer_key, secret=consumer_secret)
token = oauth2.Token(oauth_key, oauth_secret)
return oauth2.Client(consumer, token=token)
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