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Welcome to the SuperSkein wiki! Most of the pages so far are geeky dev conversations spun out into pages. SuperSkein is definitely still in Alpha, so if it seems limited, that’s because it is!

We’ve now got a Google Group here: http://groups.google.com/group/superskein

“Exported” versions of SuperSkein which run without Processing are here:

To get access to some settings, you’ll have to run it as a Processing script, changing the first page of code to alter things like flow rate and layer thickness. You can get Processing here:

Processing has this funny quirk where if you don’t name the directory you’re keeping after the main file it tries to rewire things so you have the “right” file structure. Make a directory named SuperSkein and put all your files (including .stl files for slicing) in there. Run the SuperSkein.pde under Processing and you should be ready to roll.

If you want dev access just give me a message and you’re probably in, pretty much.