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Studento - A Student Assistant App for students in O/A Level. Built with Flutter.

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Note: Studento was acquired in 2020, so I no longer maintain it.

Studento: the only app you need for acing your CIE Exams

Studento is designed to be the O/A Level student's swiss knife- it's an assistant app by students, for students.

A Plethora of Features

At its core, Studento is a pain-killer. It comes with the following active compounds:

  • A gorgeous custom UI
  • O Level and A Level past papers for all your subjects.
  • A schedule to store everything you need to know about your next class.
  • A virtual todo-list to help you keep track of homework.. and actually complete it!
  • Easy access to your subjects' syllabus, so you can learn what will show up on your test (and what will not).

Past Papers

  • Studento allows you to access O Level and A Level past papers & marking schemes. You no longer need to browse through websites and remember complicated codes so you can get the right paper. They'll be neatly organised so you can focus on studying. Switch between your paper and its respective marking scheme with just a tap.

A solid schedule

  • You can store your timetable on Studento, including the day, duration, subject teacher, and location/class. You can also see the time left for an ongoing class to end or in how many minutes the next class will start.

Keeping track of homework- the smart way

  • A virtual to-do list so you can easily note down homework(...and remember it later!)

Never be surprised in a test

  • The syllabus of each subject is within a few taps' reach, so you'll always know what will be on your test.

Why was the code removed from this repo?

The old proof-of-concept app that I'd built for this project used to live here. I decided to pull it because the final app will be closed-source. The repo will be used in the future for tracking issues/milestones.


Studento - A Student Assistant App for students in O/A Level. Built with Flutter.






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