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###The complete Maslow PCB can be ordered from the Maslow store here


All of the part numbers below are digikey parts unless otherwise stated.

Part Part # Number Needed # In Schematic
XH-Series Connectors 455-2271-ND 3 J1-3
Power Jack CP-202BH-ND 1 J4
1x8 .1" headers 732-5321-ND 4 J5-8
2x2 .1" headers 952-2119-ND 2 J9,10
Flyback Diodes MRA4004T3GOSCT-ND 12 D1-12
.1uF Filter Caps 311-1361-1-ND 4 C1-4
1uF Filter Caps 445-5146-1-ND 2 C5,6
H-Bridge 497-3624-1-ND 2 IC-1,2
Indicator LED 475-1410-1-ND 2 LED 1-2
Current Limiting R1 RMCF0805JT270RCT-ND 1 R1
Current Limiting R2 541-4162-1-ND 1 R2
23x23mm heatsink Mouser-532-374124B35G 2 N/A