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MaslowCNC Wiki: Electronics | Firmware | Mechanics | Software | Community Garden

Welcome to the Mechanics wiki! This is a place meant to serve as a repository for information about the Mechanics of the MaslowCNC. This includes building the temporary and permanent frames, hardware considerations, and anything related to an operational MaslowCNC machine.

Assembly Instructions | Accuracy | Common Operations | Alternate Tools | Machine Size | Useful Links

Please Remember: Safety First

Initial Setup Checklist

MaslowCNC Assembly Instructions

MaslowCNC Calibration Guide

Considerations for highest machine accuracy

Common Procedures:

  • [Power-Up Calibration]
  • [Stop-Restart Calibration]
  • [Tool Change/Z-Adjustment] (pause and restart, in place.)

Alternate Machine Tools

Alternate Size Machines

  • [Large Scale]
  • [Smaller than Standard Frame]

DIY Upgrades

  • [Dust Control]
  • [Noise Reduction]
  • [Sled Designs]

Useful Links