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Material Used

This was made for 3/4 inch or 23/32 inch CDX plywood. All the files below where recreated assuming 3/4 inch plywood and cutting with a 1/4 inch bit.

About the Files:

Bucket Stand Parts.svg

Can brought into MakerCam for tool paths at 96 dpi.

Bucket Stand Assembled Drawing.dxf

DXF export from OnShape

Bucket Stand Parts for SVG conversion.dxf

DXF export from OnShape of individual parts. If not using OnShape, this is probably the best place to start if you need to modify the size.

GCode .nc files

These are 3 files setup to cut the top ring, bottom ring, and 3 legs. These files were setup for 23/32 (3/4) inch stock to be cut with a 1/4 inch bit.

The Top Ring is setup with an inside diameter of 10.5 inches, so make sure your bucket will fit that. The pockets in the bottom ring are oversized for 23/32" stock so you may have gaps.