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One of the biggest lessons learned from this project was the importance of generating a complete bill of materials before starting the project. Having a single shopping list and ordering all the parts delivered could have saved us a TON of time. Because we never generated one I do not have a complete list, I will do my best to link to the general materials used as a reference.

Material Estimated Number Cost Source
15/32nds ACX Plywood 4 Sheets $29 Lowes
15/32nds CDX Plywood 4 Sheets $24
3/4 Plywood 3 Sheets $29
Metal Roofing 4 Sheets $28 HomeDepot
House Wrap .1 Roll
Butyl Tape .75 Roll
Window 1 $150
Polyurithane 1 Gallon $27
3.5 Inch PolyIso Insulation 4 Sheets $47