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Mason CLI

The Mason CLI provides command line tools to help you manage your configurations in the Mason Platform.

The full docs to get started with the Mason Platform are available here: For docs on using the Mason CLI, see the setup guide here:

Using the CLI

Find the latest release and download the CLI for your platform under "Assets".

Developing the CLI


  1. Install Python 3
  2. Make it the default
  3. Run pip install virtualenvwrapper
  4. Run echo "source" >> ~/.bashrc

Building the CLI

  1. Clone this repo: git clone && cd mason-cli
  2. Create a virtual environment: mkvirtualenv mason-cli
    1. Or use an existing one: workon mason-cli
  3. Install dependencies: pip install mock && pip install -e .

Testing the CLI

All behavior changes and bug fixes should come with associated test changes. While you can manually run tests with python3 test, the best way to do so is with IntelliJ's Auto Test feature which continuously tests your code as you write it. Just run all tests in the tests folder.

Cutting a release

The release process is automated using tag pushes.

  1. Create a commit called v$VERSION which sets the CLI version inside the VERSION file at the root of this repository.
    • The commit message will be used as release notes for this CLI release.
  2. Create a tag for that commit and call it $VERSION.
  3. Push both the commit and tag to master.

For an example, see e50d6981a77e5d1a363cb5a8c97a644a07aaabfb.