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An attempt to make computers make art
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An attempt to make computers make art

I am certainly not the most artistically gifted person, though people say it's just practice. I'm going to blame my kindergarten teacher for this one actually. See, I had to draw some dancers, on a stage. Obviously, stages have lightbulbs. Lightbulbs use electrcity. I had heard of static electricity and knew that it made your hair stand up if you were near it. I didn't know that light bulbs used a different (if you will) electricity and that standing near them didn't make your hair stand up. So I drew my dancers with their hair standing up cause they were close to a lightbulb. Oh man, did I ever get into shit for that one. Look I was 5, I'm not saying it was sound science, and I was like idk... 3 feet tall or whatever, I'd never been close to a light bulb. But like... isn't art supposed to be self expression? Shouldn't they have encouraged my creativity? Like even if they thought my art was terrible they could have started a discussion on science and using your observative powers and we could have done experiments and whatnot. Instead, my parents got mad at me too and made me redraw dancers with my own art supplies and go back to my art teacher, apologise, and give it to her.

ANYWAY that was the end of Max the Artist. Now I rock climb and make shitty jokes and write worse code.

Here's the beginning of my beginning into generative/genetic art. I'm going to start with Python, because I know it, then depeneding on what happens maybe I'll move it to JS. The end goal is to have a monitor connected to a RaspberryPi throwing out some RaDiCaL art all the time.

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