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This is a petty standard personal website, I think. It was originally just going to be the controls page (which is now visible w/o login creds). It uses flask and bootstrap to run. Click the link below to see it!

It is running on a raspberry pi, in a box, screwed to the bottom of a picnic table at my ex-girlfriends house (talk to me about reliable servers). I apologize for slow response times. For more info on the entire project this was a part of, go to the picnic table page. I learned a lot from this little project, and had a good amount of fun (and some frustration) during the creation of the website. I definitely think the code could be better, but it runs. I had to learn about port forwarding, authentication practices, edited a package's file for the first time, and used bootstrap for my first real website. I also uploaded a video to Vimeo just for this website! Twice! Videos! Artsy.

I tried hard to keep the words in my voice, not some strict professional sounding prose. I might have failed though.

Anyway, this Readme isn't too indepth, I think if you play around with the website you'll get a pretty good idea of how it all works. Let me know if you have any questions or comments!

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