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The roadmap for the Masonite framework. <ARCHIVED>
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Masonite Roadmap

The purposes of the roadmap is to let everyone understand the direction the framework is heading in both the short term and long term. We will explain a general planned feature and a small bit of explanation of needed.

v2.1 -- [December 2018]

  • Move more code into core by inheriting from some parent class instead of putting the entire class in the framework installation

  • Move more framework features into core middleware. There is a lot of code inside the RouteProvider that can be abstracted out and put into middleware

  • Use better PEP 8 standards. For 2.0 we left triple single quotes in (''' instead of """) which is not PEP 8 compliant but I (Joe Mancuso) thought it looked cleaner. Now I think we should deff do PEP 8 more.

  • Docstring all the code and generate a static site to host the API reference documentation.

  • General code cleanup and abstractions to make the codebase more easy to contribute to.

  • Add out of the box support for seeding (have base files setup)

  • Create an official package for unit testing a Masonite app

  • [-] Full video course

  • Remove resolving of parameters

  • Make pipenv the official package management tool

v2.2 -- [June 2019 LTS]

  • 2yr bug release, 3yr security release
  • More code cleanup from hotfixes and various bug fixes from 2.1
  • Slight file system changes. nothing really planned about this but any file system changes should be brought up in slack and attached to this release.
  • Slight API changes that won't fit in a minor but needs to be able to be up to date for the next 3 years.
  • Create a wsgi service for Masonite and other WSGI apps.
  • full selenium testing package plus command testing
  • Better publishing of packages
  • Create a logging package with at least 3 drivers: native python logger, logstash and sentry.
  • Create an official website to host user accounts, information, blogs, videos and
  • Rename queue "channels" to queue "queues"
  • Add more methods to the queue contract

v3.0 -- [December 2019]

  • Remove all modules from Masonite container
  • Remove the dependence on any key bindings so all bindings can be "simple"
  • change resources/templates to resources/views
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