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A Table of Contents plugin for DocPad

Simply define your Table of Contents in the plugins section of your project's docpad.coffee file:

	      regex: /<toc:frontmatter\/?>/g
	      chapters: [
	        title: "Using Stardog"
	        subtitle: "Covers basic installation and starting a Stardog Server in <em>five easy steps</em>."
	        sections: ["using", "console"]
	        title: "Administering Stardog"
	        subtitle: "Administering Stardog Server, databases, including configuration and deployment information."
	        sections: ["admin", "security"]
	        title: "Programming Stardog"
	        subtitle: "Everything from reasoning, data validation, and SPARQL to programming Stardog with Java, JavaScript, and many other languages. Includes the documentation for Stardog Web."
	        sections: [
	          'java', 'web', 'icv', 'owl2', 'http', 'spring', 'groovy'
	            title: 'Programming with Javascript'
	            text:"The documentation for <a href=\"http://clarkparsia.github.io/stardog.js\">stardog.js</a>, which is available on <a href=\"https://github.com/clarkparsia/stardog.js\">Github</a> and <a href=\"http://docs.stardog.com/\">npm</a>."
	        title: "Understanding Stardog"
	        subtitle: "Background information on tuning, terminology, known issues, compatibility policies, etc."
	        sections: [
	          'manpages', 'performance', 'faq'
	            title: "Stardog Compatibility Policies"
	            text: "A statement of the policies we will pursue in evolving Stardog beyond the 1.0 release."
	            title: "Known Issues"
	            text: "Click here first before reporting an issue or bug."
	            title: "Terminology"
	            text: "A glossary of technical terms used in these docs."

Once your Table of Contents is defined, then insert the html tag <toc:frontmatter> where you want the table of contents to appear. The tag will be replaced with fully rendered html. This can be changed to any pattern by setting the "regex" plugin variable.

Plugin commissioned by Clark & Parsia and developed by MDM.