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(use posix args fmt fmt-unicode fmt-color sqlite3)
; Data
(define-record course
(define (course-percentage course)
(/ (course-done course) (course-total-exc course)))
(define (course-exc-required course)
(* (course-total-exc course) (course-required course)))
(define (create-course name done total-exc required)
(define (with-default x def)
(if (sql-null#sql-null? x) def x))
(with-default name "")
(with-default done 0)
(with-default total-exc 0)
(with-default required 0)))
; Database
(define home
(string-join (list
(get-environment-variable "HOME")
"demolaskuri") "/"))
(create-directory home #t)
(define *db*
(open-database (string-join (list home "demonstrations.db") "/")))
(define (init-db)
(execute *db* "create table if not exists courses (name primary key, times, excs, required)")
(execute *db* "create table if not exists demonstrations (name, done, timestamp default current_timestamp, foreign key (name) references demonstrations(name))"))
(define (add-course! name demonstrations excercises required)
(execute *db*
"insert or ignore into courses (name, times, excs, required) values (?, ?, ?, ?)"
name demonstrations excercises required))
(define (mark-as-done! name n)
(execute *db*
"insert into demonstrations (name, done) values (?, ?)"
name n))
(define (get-course! name)
(row-to-course ( first-row *db* "select name, (select sum(done) from demonstrations where as done, (times * excs * 1.0) as total_exc, required from courses where name=?" name)))
(define (get-courses!)
(map-row create-course *db* "select name, (select sum(done) from demonstrations where as done, (times * excs * 1.0) as total_exc, required from courses"))
(define (get-max-length!)
(let ((max-length (car (first-row *db* "select max(length(name)) from courses"))))
(if (sql-null#sql-null? max-length)
(define (row-to-course row)
(apply create-course row))
; Pretty printing
(define (pretty-percentage percent)
(cat (num (* 100 percent) 10 2) (dsp "%")))
(define (course-percentage-pretty course)
(let* ((required (course-required course))
(percent (course-percentage course))
(pretty (pretty-percentage percent)))
(if (>= percent required)
(fmt-green pretty)
(fmt-red pretty))))
(define (pretty-print-tabular courses)
(let* ((name-column-width (+ 2 (get-max-length!)))
(separator (dsp "|"))
(row (lambda (name total done percent required)
(apply cat
(cons separator
(intersperse (list
(fmt-unicode (pad/both name-column-width (dsp name)))
(pad/both 10 total)
(pad/both 10 done)
(fmt-unicode (pad/both 12 percent))
(pad/both 10 required)
(header (row "Course name" "Total" "Done" "Percent" "Required")))
(apply cat (cons header (map (lambda (course)
(apply row (map (lambda (fn) (fn course)) (list course-name
(define (list-courses courses)
(fmt #t (pretty-print-tabular courses)))
(define (list-all)
(list-courses (get-courses!)))
(define (show-course name)
(list-courses (list (get-course! name))))
(define opts
(args:make-option (d done) #:required "How many excercises have you done")
(args:make-option (c course) #:required "Course name")
(args:make-option (n new) #:none "Create a new course")
(args:make-option (t times) #:required "How many demonstrations are held")
(args:make-option (e excercises) #:required "How many excercises are in a demonstration")
(args:make-option (r required) #:required "How many percentage of the assignments are required")
(args:make-option (l list) #:none "List courses" (list-all))
(args:make-option (h help) #:none "Help text" (usage))))
(define (usage)
(print "Usage: " (car (argv)) " [options..]")
(print (args:usage opts))
(exit 0))
(receive (options operands)
(args:parse (command-line-arguments) opts)
(let ((course (alist-ref 'course options))
(done (alist-ref 'done options))
(new (assq 'new options))
(times (alist-ref 'times options))
(excercises (alist-ref 'excercises options))
(required (alist-ref 'required options)))
(cond ((and course done) (mark-as-done! course done))
((and course new times excercises required)
(let ((required (string->number required)))
(add-course! course times excercises
(if (> required 1) (/ required 100) required))))
(course (show-course course))
(done (usage))
(else (list-all)))
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