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Software for quickly inserting and managing notes. It should be able to keep track of all the files and 'titles', list them sensibly and allow quick opening and editing.

Creating notes

Creating new notes should happen with something like noteit --add which would prompt the software to ask for the title, which would then be slugified. If the user doesn't enter a title, a date will be used in it's place.

The software should create temporary contents which contains the initial markdown for title. Maybe even something else at some point. If the user hasn't entered a title, only the username should reflect the date, not the file contents.

After creating the file, the software should open the users $EDITOR, pointed to that file and wait until the user has finished writing.

Tracking notes

Every file should be tracked. Some sort of metafile should be created which tracks filename, title and edit date (this would be perfect for key-value stores :P). This metafile would then be used when listing files, and maybe for some other uses in the future. I believe this is more scalable than just getDirectoryContents.

Listing notes

Listing is simple, it should just read the metafile, take their title and zip it with [1..]. The action would be something like noteit --list.

Editing notes

User would first list the notes and then choose which item to edit. The selection would be done with numbers. The software would at this point open the file in the users $EDITOR and wait until completion.