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todotxt impl in python
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ToDoTxt Windows CLI

Implemented in Python using colorama and pywin32 module

Based on Gina Trapani's ToDo list format in a simple text file. You can read all about it here.

More Information, mobile apps and graphical UIs on the website.


  • Be sure that Python is installed and in the PATH Variable.
  • Download all the files
  • Install the required modules with
pip install -r requirements.txt
  • Set the PATH Variable to the Folder where the is stored. Now you can use it from every "folder" in the command shell.
  • It's possible to locate the todotxt.ini in your User profile %USERPROFILE%.


Windows 10

Some Python installation under Windows 10 can't forward more than one option in the command line. If you have errors adding a new task, you installation has this error. Please import to fix it the win10_python_todotxt.reg to your registry by doubleclicking it.

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