A ruby script that converts schematic-files to bo2-files. Useful for TerrainControl.
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s2b - Schematic to bo2 coverter

This ruby script converts minecraft *.schematic files into *.bo2 files which is highly usable when creating custom trees for the plugin TerrainControl. You build your custom tree ingame, select it and export it with WorldEdit.


  1. download the file s2b.rb from this repository.
  2. install ruby
  3. install the nbtfile gem
  4. run s2b.rb once. This will create the folders "in" and "out" next to s2b.rb
  5. place all *.schematics files in that folder named "in".
  6. run s2b.rb.
  7. The "out" folder now contains all new .bo2 files

Special behavior and Suggested workflow

This script have some special behaviors:

  • Air blocks are not exported - Because in general you want the bo2 to to be transparent.
    Use the BBOB application to add in air blocks afterwards.
  • Magenta wool is not exported - Use magenta wool for cuboid min and max points.
    Since these will be in the WorldEdit selection it is handy if they are not exported.
  • Dark blue wool is not exported - We use this to stop wines from growing to long.
  • If the name of the .schematic file ends with R5 (as in Root-depth 5) a z-offset of 5 will be used.
    The numer can of cource be any number and is not limited to 5.

This is how we do it on MassiveCraft:
Create a creative world on your server using a multiworld plugin such as MultiVerse-Core. You may also want to keep separate inventories for that world using a plugin such as MultiVerse-Inventories. To make that world be a nice huge grass field you will want to use a custom world generator for it. We suggest

Now you can let people build custom trees there. The players place a sign with the name of the custom tree on top of the WorldEdit maxpoint. The name should end with something like R5 to make use of the z-offset feature.

We use a plugin called WorldEditSignSave. It will save the current WorldEdit clipboard using the name of the sign you are currently looking at. We will release this plugin when we get time.