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World's fastest HTML5 2D game engine   🛸
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Blacksmith 2D


Black is a highly optimized 2D framework for web, mobile games, and playable ads.

Most valuable when size matters
All engine code is written in ES6, fully GCC typed, allowing to eliminate all dead code from your app. For example the size of Donuts game is only 33KB gzipped for both engine and game code.

Advanced scene graph and rendering pipeline
Dirty flag tracks scene changes and avoids unnecessary calculations and context calls. If no changes were made to the scene since last frame, no rendering will be done. Battery efficient.

Cache as bitmap
Automatically detects changes and updates bitmap cache. Allows to gain even more performance on heavy scenes and runs smoothly on old devices.

For more information about how to use Black Engine, please check the Blacksmith 2D website.


✔️ Extra lightweight
✔️ Display Resolution Awareness
✔️ Advanced Particle System
✔️ Vector Graphics
✔️ Vector Graphics Baking
✔️ Smart Cache As Bitmap
✔️ Tweens
✔️ Message Dispatcher
✔️ Sprite Animations
✔️ Asset Manager
✔️ Advanced Font Rendering and font metrics
✔️ Texture Atlas
✔️ Input
✔️ Clipping Rectangle
✔️ Component System
✔️ Audio Support
✔️ Audio Atlases
✔️ Bitmap Fonts
✔️ Graphics
✔️ Battery Efficient
✔️ Render Texture
✔️ Arcade Physics
✔️ Texture Wrap and Repeat
✔️ Nine slice grid
✔️ GCC Ready


The easiest way to start using Black Engine is by downloading ready-up game template:

git clone
cd Black-Template
npm install
npm start

Then open in browser!


A Piggy Mark was made to compare basic sprite rendering performance and build size.

Engine 60 FPS 50 FPS 40 FPS 30 FPS Size kB Load Time sec.*
Black 3855 4870 5920 8605 41 2,3
Phaser v2 2975 3475 4525 5995 207 17.7
Phaser v3 2680 3185 4040 5700 217 17.8

All tests are made on iPhone 6s Safari.
* How much time it takes to load a test. Tested using UPTRENDS on iPhone 8 with bandwidth of 3G.


Feel free to chat with developers directly on Facebook, Discord or Telegram. Have other questions? Feel free to contact support by email. Remember to check Documentation before asking questions.


Written something cool using Black Engine? Please tell us about it via email.
Found a bug or issue — post them on Issues page.


Getting StartedExamplesGame TemplateEULA

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