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Learning about automated poem generation using Python and a book text file, packaging that pile of random silly text, and placing it on a blog because you got nothing better to do with your time

Check out this little auto blogging tool, built to push content from a text file, makes some what sensible sentences, and pushes it to wordpress.

I'm attaching a bit of content regarding how to loop it, if you don't want to learn how to build that process in python. Understandable. Maybe just want to stress test your wordpress website? Okay, sure.

Fast forward and skip the muck unless you want to learn python, read the old-read-me.

Here's the steps to automate blogging...

Disclaimer, going into abusing a system, you should know ahead of time there is always a balance when posting I hope you get banned and it's likely you will if you use this to SPAM. Have fun!

# #

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