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A website to view your Spotify stats.
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mySpotify - Your Spotify Stats

Over the past few weeks I've been listening to some music, and was interested in which music I've listened to the most. I checked out Spotify's API and noticed there is a way the information, so I went ahead and worked on a program to get the stats for my account and list them out in the most elegant way possible.

Live Preview

You can see a live preview of the website at

What does this do?

It prompts whoever that is visiting the website to authenticate using their Spotify account. Upon them logging into their account a token is sent to the website and saved as a cookie on the users computer. The token allows the website to request information about the users top songs and artists in a period of time, and the stats are printed on a page with images and links to visit the pages.

How do I get it running?

The first step is to head over to the Spotify Dashboard where you can create a new app. You're then given a client and secret token. You can add those including the URL of your website inside of models/configuration.php. So an example of how the file will look like is below:


$_GLOBAL = array(
    'client' => "37c9b2d96x0d47e3b14vef163020zxf9",
    'secret' => "c6a5c0f2122x4b1cab83b6af0de42311",
    'redirect' => "http://localhost/mySpotify/auth.php"


The website also uses Jwilsson's PHP Spotify API Library, you'll also need to install it using Composer with the command below:

composer require jwilsson/spotify-web-api-php

Upon getting that done you're all set to simply login and it should do it's work, enjoy


image image image

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