The antidote to my stalkerbot project
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Antidote to my 2015 DC Skytalk "Automate Your Stalking".


./ TwitterID|TwitterUserName

example: ./ chenb0x


Currently, all testing is done in a separate working directory. Code will be merged when testing complete.


Moved a lot of snippets around this session. Worked on a menu system so input is taken in as an argument, either by username or user ID. I can make the menu more functional, but for now it works with minimal iptions.

Taking in username argument seems to work, but there is no output with user ID as an argument. Tried str and int formatting for ID, but no dice. Will troubleshoot this soon. The rest of my sandbox is in the giant multiline comment towards the end of the script. That will disappear as I move snippets around.


Resolved menu selection issue. Moved code into proper place depending on flag selectiom. Resolved Twitter ID option issue, but it broke again when moving code.


Program was being rate limited, So I changed time to sleep from 20 to 60. Increases time of scrape, but no longer gets blocked. Rate Limit chart from Twitter found here: . Rate Limit depends on the nature/type of request. Also handled file operations whether the file originally exists or not..


Removing getopt seemed to condense code a bit. Not sure if I may need it if I introduce more flags/options. For the time being, I switched to using argv checking instead of getopt. The script with getopt is now "antistalker.back" just in case I decide to switch back to that method or introduce new flags/options.


To easily sort and tally the suspects list, run sort suspects.txt | uniq -c | sort > sortedsuspects.txt


Thanks to BGM for code review before presentation. Updated "usage" message since I switched from getopts to argv for input. Other things will be fixed later today...maybe.


Finally separated Twitter specific functions into "". To setup this program to work with your account, update the API key informations in


  1. Build menu into program.
  2. Report default settings of suspect accounts.
  3. Resolve Twitter IDs to usernames for human readability.
  4. Fix User ID query.... was fixed and broke again. Will review.