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ChocolateyCoolWhip is a NuGet package aimed at making and deploying windows programs through the Chocolatey package manager easier. It was inspired by Chocolatey (duh) and CoolWhip (another MasterDevs project).

What Is Chocolatey?

Before ChocolateyCoolWhip can make any sense, you should understand Chocolatey. It is a package manager for Windows. Similar to apt-get for Linux or Homebrew for Macs.

For example, if you wanted to install GitHub Desktop all you'd need to do would be to run the following command:

c:\> choco install github

Chocolatey would then go out and download the GitHub Desktop installer as well as any dependencies (such as AutoHotkey in this instance) and install them. You'll be guaranteed that compatible versions of the applications will be installed.

For a list of the thousands of packages provided by Chocolatey, visit their packages page. They have a wide range of packages, from developer tools like node.js to end user apps like the ever popular media player VLC.

Adding the Cool Whip

Once you've installed ChocolateyCoolWhip into your project it will create a nuspec file and AppVeyor configuration file. These will work together to package your project and automatically upload it to

Once setup, all you need to do to update your package on is create a release in GitHub. ChocolateyCoolWhip will pull the version information directly from the release name and kick off a build in AppVeyor. You have complete control over versioning your application.


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