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<?xml version="1.0"?>
    <package >
        <copyright>Copyright 2015</copyright>

First there is the new nuspec file. It contains place holders for most of the important values like id, version, title, authors, and owners. Make sure that that the corresponding values are filled out in the AssemblyInfo.cs file. The main ones to watch out for are AssemblyDescriptionand AssemblyCompany.

[assembly: AssemblyDescription("Project designed purely to test CoolWhip")]
[assembly: AssemblyCompany("MasterDevs")]

Note that the the licenseUrl, projectUrl, and iconUrlfields in the nuspec are left blank. These are entirely optional, but you need to remove them if you don't plan on using them. They are common enough that we leave them in by default.

You can test the nuspec file locally by running the following command. Make sure that you point to the csproj file, no the nuspec.

>nuget pack MasterDevs.CoolWhip.Test.csproj
 Attempting to build package from 'MasterDevs.CoolWhip.Test.csproj'.
 Packing files from 'c:\code\CoolWhip.Test\MasterDevs.CoolWhip.Test\MasterDevs.CoolWhip.Test\bin\Debug'.
 Using 'MasterDevs.CoolWhip.Test.nuspec' for metadata.
 Found packages.config. Using packages listed as dependencies
 Successfully created package 'c:\code\CoolWhip.Test\MasterDevs.CoolWhip.Test\MasterDevs.CoolWhip.Test\MasterDevs.CoolWhip.Test.'.

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