Port of quake for the Nintendo 3DS
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ctrQuake is a free, unofficial port of Quake for the Nintendo 3DS.

Installation guide

  • Follow the guide for running homebrew at http://smealum.github.io/3ds/
  • Download the latest ctrQuake.zip from the releases page
  • Extract ctrQuake.zip to the root of your SD card
  • Launch ctrQuake from the Homebrew Launcher

Default keybinds

  • L Trigger: Jump
  • R Trigger: Shoot
  • Dpad Up: Next Weapon
  • Dpad Down: Previous Weapon
  • ABXY: Camera controls
  • CirclePad: Movement
  • C-Button: Camera controls (N3DS only)

Playing the full game

The released version of ctrQuake only includes the shareware episode. To play the full game you must copy the pak1.pak from your copy of the game and place it in the id1 folder inside ctrQuake


To use mods: place mod folder in the same directory as ctrQuake.3dsx and create a shortcut with the launch parameters. See tf.xml as example


  • Better input handling
  • Networking
  • Hardware rendering
  • Better sound processing ( Thanks to Rinnegatamante )


Felipe Izzo (MasterFeizz) - Main developer Rinnegatamante - Sound enhancements

Thanks to

Id Software - Source code of Quake

Smealum and other developers of libctru