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Helps create WebM files for 4chan
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#!WebM.y.TsM's WebM Converter This is a simple wrapper for FFmpeg to create WebM files. My version is generally among the best, due to my experience with encoding videos for years. To download it, please click here.

Make sure that you have your own FFmpeg in the root directory of the program, otherwise nothing will happen. Better yet, FFmpeg should be within your System Variable, but whatever.

##What can it do? This is what she looks like:

alt text

Currently she can:

  • Automatically calculate the bitrate needed for a given size
  • Checks the size of the outputted video to see if it worked properly
    • If it didn't, then it gives recommendations to fix the file size
  • Ability to use subtitles
  • Update check
  • Scale the video
  • Crop the video
  • Seek to a custom time
  • Obtain incredibly close results in file size (currently limited support)

##Why only offer 2-pass? Currently it is only offered since this is designed as a GUI for 4chan users. 2-pass encoding will look better than crf with q-min/max 95% of the time, since 2-pass is designed to get the best quality for a given size. In the future, I wish to make a complete WebM wrapper, and even maybe a complete FFmpeg wrapper.

##Can you explain what the weird flags are? Sure!

  • -quality best: Should be obvious. You can use "-quality good -cpu-used 0" to speed it up, but the results will looks worse.
  • -slices 8: Slices make the encoder cut the individual frames into the amount of slices (1, 2, 4, & 8 are possible). Generally 4 is good enough for 720p content. Slices slightly increase the quality of each frame.
  • -auto-alt-ref 1: This enables the encoder to look into the future instead of just the past, or "Golden Frame". This can increase the quality drastically, or severely hurt it. It works 99% of the time, so I just leave it on.
  • -lag-in-frames 16: This is amount of frames it can look into the future. The limit is around 25, but 16 seems to be the best quality/speed tradeoff point on lower-end machines.

##Why a speaker icon? Irony.

##What is planned? Plenty of stuff is planned:

  • Drag and Drop
  • Preview (general and crop)
  • Plenty of more stuff

##License The code is released under the GPLv2 license.

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