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  1. terraform-provider-restapi terraform-provider-restapi Public

    A terraform provider to manage objects in a RESTful API

    Go 773 208

  2. pkcs11-tools pkcs11-tools Public

    A set of tools to manage objects on PKCS#11 cryptographic tokens. Compatible with many PKCS#11 library, including major HSM brands, NSS and softoken.

    C 135 27

  3. client-encryption-java client-encryption-java Public

    Library for Mastercard API compliant payload encryption/decryption.

    Java 97 59

  4. mastercard-api-client-tutorial mastercard-api-client-tutorial Public

    Generating and Configuring a Mastercard API Client

    Python 53 49

  5. oauth1-signer-java oauth1-signer-java Public

    Zero dependency library for generating a Mastercard API compliant OAuth signature.

    Java 43 26

  6. insomnia-plugin-mastercard insomnia-plugin-mastercard Public

    An Insomnia plugin for handling authentication and encryption for consuming Mastercard APIs.

    JavaScript 37 16


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