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Chris, Owen, and Curtis' first project in UNC Bootcamp
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Update from Chris, November 3 2018:

I got the code all functional again. I'm gonna host it on my website for ease of access. The theme is different than it was originally, and all the original bugs are still there, but other than that it still works like a charm!

Chris, Owen, and Curtis' first project in UNC Bootcamp

Project Title:

Team Members: Chris Rackley, Owen Essen, Curtis Atkins

Project Description: Platform for a user to receive feedback on their personal coding projects from other users and receive points based on how much feedback you give to other's projects

Sketch of Final Product:

APIs to be Used: Github,

Rough Breakdown of Tasks: -Pick Name: -Create basic file structure: done -Design sales funnel: -build login page using Github API: -Create profile layout and functionality: -Setup github API: -Pick 2nd API: -Set up user logic: -host: -setup comment system:

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