Create a new properties and devices, load measurements from csv on S3 into Hecuba ( via the API
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map of minorca

######Image source:

##Description: Minorca gets CSV files from an AWS S3 bucket. Those files contains sensors measurements form houses that need to be uploaded into

Minorca uses AWS Java API via a Clojure library called Amazonica. It also uses Hecuba API to add houses, devices and sensor measurements.

Minorca expects a configuration file containing the following information:

{:s3 {:bucket "my-bucket"
      :cred {:profile "default" :endpoint "eu-west-1"}}
 :mapping-file "resources/default-houses-mapping-file.csv"
 :processed-file "resources/default-files-processed.csv"}

It needs:

  • information for the AWS S3 bucket,
  • a file to store the relationship between the identifiers from the input files and the identifiers in (see an example here),
  • a file to store which input files have been processed (see an example here).

####Important note:

As it is the programme is expecting to have a "mapping-file" and a "processed-file".

The first time the programme is run those CSV files will be empty but for the column headers.

The headers expected are as follow:

  • for the "mapping-file":

Timestamp,File name,S3 bucket,Metadata,File content

  • for the "processed-file":



Create a jar:

$ lein uberjar

Run your jar:

$ java -jar uberjar/path/kixi.hecuba.minorca-0.1.0-SNAPSHOT-standalone.jar
-i project-id -u https://api-url/1/ -n username -p password


Copyright © 2015 MastodonC

Distributed under the Eclipse Public License either version 1.0 or (at your option) any later version.