Python scripts as example of using Embed API
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##Python scripts as example of using Embed API

###API Docs


get_profiles(user, pwd, entities, filename)
    Returns a csv file containing profile info
    for a list of entity ids provided.

list_all_entities(user, pwd, projects)
    Returns a list of all the entity ids
    for a list of project ids.

list_all_projects(user, pwd, programme_id)
    Return a list of all project ids in a

    Get duplicate profiles projects and
    properties ids stored in a json file.

find_entities_by_code(project_id, property_codes, outfile, user, pwd)
    Retrieves info for properties given their property codes.
    Writes this info into a csv file.

get_entity_info(entity_id, user, pwd)
    Get devices and sensors for a property given its id.

get_project_info(project_id, entity_code, user, pwd)
    Retrieve property, devices and sensor ids for
    a property code.

create_device(entity_id, user, pwd)
    Creates a device from an entity id

create_entities_devices(csv_file, project_id, codes, user, pw)
    Create new entities, devices and write a report

existing_devices(entity_id, name, user, pwd)
    Check whether a device already exists

existing_entities(project_id, user, pwd)
    Check whether entities already exists

    Get the entities names from a csv header

write_report(text_file, project_id, user, pwd)
    Get properties ids, devices ids, sensors ids

delete_properties(list_properties, user, pwd)

    List ids of properties to be deleted.

get_all_programmes(user, password, action, *args)
    Return info on all your programmes:
    [action]: Results can be printed and/or written to 
    a csv file. Value should be 'stdout', 'csv' or 'both'.
    [*args]: (see PROGRAMME_INFO for the full list)
    - If *args is left blank the info returned is 
    set in DEFAULT_INFO.
    - Otherwise it returns DEFAULT_INFO and the other 
    parameters specified.

get_programme_by_id(user, password, programme_id, action, *args)

results_to_csv(data, *args)
    Write the results to a csv file

results_to_stdout(data, *args)
    Print the results to your terminal

get_profiles(user, pwd, filename)
    Get properties profiles and write into csv file.

list_all_entities(user, pwd)
    Lists all entities in a project

list_all_projects(user, pwd)
	Lists all projects in a programme

get_request(user, password, url)
    Generate a generic http get request,
    handle errors and return the json data.

    Check the hostname is part of authorised 
    hostnames defined in HOSTNAMES

    Print a warning message to tell you whether
    you're working on a local Embed instance or
    on the production server.

check_device_info(entity_id, device_id, user, pwd)
    Check device exists and device info.

check_measurements_upload(entity_id, device_id, sensor_type, start_date, end_date, user, pwd)
    Check measurements were uploaded to a specific device.
    Expect the sensor type and start/end dates as strings like '2015-09-09'.

    Retrieve measurements from a json file.

post_measurements(entity_id, device_id, measurements, user, pwd)
    Post measurements for a device.

upload_all_measurements(user, pwd)
    Add measurements for multiple devices.

write_report(filename, user, pwd)
    Retrieve info about properties in a project
    and with specific property codes.
    Write the results to a csv file.